Desi x Katy by Dose of Colors

¬†This collection is absolutely amazing. I had watched a few videos of the girls using these products and I already knew exactly what I was going to get before the launch. I also knew that this collection would sell out fast, just because of how great the products looked! I put a reminder at 9:59am¬†(launch was at 10am) and made sure I got my hands on these products! Thankfully, the website didn’t crash, and I was able to get exactly what I wanted. I purchased the highlighting powder “Fuego”, the eyeshadow palette and the lipstick in “More Creamer Please”. I am truly pleased with each of these products! The restock date should be announced soon so keep an eye out! Here are some swatches from the Dose of Colors website: (I thought they are much better than my attempts at swatching haha)



As you can see, the highlighting powder is so so beautiful on! The sparkles aren’t big chunks and it goes on really smoothly. The shine is definitely buildable, so you can decide to go for a more subtle glowy look or to apply a few layers to look like a glowy disco ball (which I prefer, most of the time haha).

The perfect eyeshadow palette for a night out!

I feel like I have only been using matte liquid lipsticks so it’s been a hot minute since I have used an actual lipstick. First of all, the shade is absolutely amazing and second of all, the texture is perfect. It’s creamy and so smooth!