Leaf Print Trousers 

For the longest time, I was so skinny that Zara’s XS size was literally too big for me. My mom’s great genes passed down to me and I never had to worry about going to the gym or staying fit. Even though I was truly lucky to be healthy and skinny, I always wanted to gain weight and nothing ever worked.. until I turned 23 and my body just started changing. It’s been 2 years and I’ve gained 10lbs and I couldn’t be happier. I started working out and I’m starting to watch what I eat. Long explanation for these pants huh? Well, pants like this wouldn’t fit me before… I would look like a walking stick hah. So these pants are pretty special to me, I’m finally able to fit all those super stylish pieces from Zara! 

Longggg story short… these pants are on sale!!! Click here to shop now! They are so comfy and they’re the perfect length with heels for me. I paired with this Naked Wardrobe bodysuit! I’m thinking of getting the matching top for this too.. so adorable