Jade Rolling

A few months ago, I was watching Marianna Hewitt’s instastory and she was raving about this magical beauty tool. She said that she got hers from Amazon and after doing a little bit of research, I placed my order.. and fell in love with it!

“Jade facial rollers have been around for centuries; there’s evidence of them as far back as seventh-century China, where the stone was believed to have healing and protective properties.” – fashionista.com

– Increases blood circulation
– Brightens your complexion
– Reduces puffiness
– Drains congested lymph nodes
– Helps with sinus issues
– Diminishes the appearance of fine lines

I love using this right after I apply my face oil, moisturizer or after a sheet mask. Your skin feels immediately refreshed, the feeling is honestly addicting.

Check out how to use the jade roller in Marianna Hewitt’s new YouTube video.

I read somewhere that the cheaper jade rollers are made out of glass and dyes but the amazon one claims that it is made out of Xiuyan Jade which is a natural jade stone that doesn’t contain any chemicals… so far it’s felt great on my skin and I am just fine with using this one!

Buy it now – Royal Jade Roller