Skincare Routine

For the longest time, I had great skin and never had to worry about breakouts or pimples. Well… that didn’t last long and graduate school has been causing lots of stress, which led to many breakouts! I finally decided to go by a facialist.. I know, I know, how have I not gone this whole time?! My skin desperately needed it. I kept researching and came across Fenya Abramian – Guidance to Glow. Teni Panosian, who is a successful beauty blogger and YouTuber, has been raving about her for months. She would share snaps and show how great her skin looked after her facials with Fenya and I decided to give it a try. Fenya is reasonably priced and it’s best to go with the Custom Facial for your first visit so she can examine your skin and tell you exactly what you need. Make sure to watch Teni’s video about her skincare journey by clicking here.

Besides getting a good facial, I really wanted Fenya to give me a recipe to “fix” my skin. I wanted to know if the products I have been using are right for my skin type and what types of ingredients I should look for when purchasing skincare products. Turns out, I have been using the wrong products all this time. Fenya educated me about the ingredients and what to look for. My skin is dry with the exception of the t-zone, where I tend to get oily. She said that in moisturizers, I need to look for ones that are water based, and have Hyaluronic Acid. Apparently, if it’s at the end of the ingredients list, that means that there is only a drop of it! Make sure the Hyaluronic Acid is at the very beginning of the ingredients list. Another advice Fenya gave is to simplify my skincare routine. She told me to get rid of unnecessary toners and scrubs that have been doing nothing but damaging my skin.

Although I was skeptical to try the products Fenya recommended, after watching Teni’s video and seeing the results, I went ahead and purchased the Gentle Cleanser and the Reconstructive creme. As of now, I have only been using these two products, to keep my skin clean and basically bring it back to normal. I’ve had no new breakouts and my skin feels softer than ever. When I wear matte lipsticks and waterproof eyeliner, I use the Tatcha Cleansing Oil just on the eyes and lips, then I go ahead and cleanse my whole face with the Gentle Cleanser. Apparently, the cleansing oil has been clogging my pores.. yikes. She told me it’s also okay to use my charcoal mask once a week just on my t-zone to clear any forming blackheads. I have my next facial scheduled for February and I can’t wait for it! I will be adding a serum and a toner to my routine that Fenya has already recommended and I will make sure to do a separate blog post!

Fenya Abramian – 

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