Pat McGrath Metalmorphosis 005 Bronze 

I am so sad to say that by the time I got to post this, this product is sold out everywhere -_-. BUT, I am so obsessed with it and if it ever comes back, make sure to buy it! There are some kits on eBay so make sure to check it out there too! 

Okay so, Pat McGrath is a British celebrity makeup artist and she created one of the most amazing eyeshadows I’ve ever tried. The swatch on my hand, does not even compare to what it looks like on your eyelids. It’s extremely pigmented and creamy and doesn’t have any fall out. I use my fingers to apply it on my eyelids then use a brush to blend out the edges. It also comes with a mixing liquid and an eyeliner. I’ve been loving the eyeliner because it works great when you apply it over the glitter/bronze eyeshadow. I haven’t tried using the mixing liquid but after watching this Jaclyn Hill tutorial, I’m definitely going to give it a shot!