Even though I love sharing my favorite beauty products or places to visit, I think it’s time to add a little depth to my blog. Today’s topic of choice is GRATITUDE.

I live by this word! Gratitude has taught me to be happy with everything and anything that life throws at me. Gratitude gives me a reason to be happy no matter what situation I am in. Though these words may seem redundant and cliche, it takes time and strength to believe and practice gratitude across your lifespan. I always say that being positive is a lot harder than being negative. It’s so easy to complain when things get hard, but it takes a lot of strength to put a smile on your face and keep thinking good thoughts through those struggles.

To accept the feeling of gratitude, you can’t take anything for granted. The value of gratitude has taught me to always be happy with anything and everything life throws at me. But of course, it is much easier said than done.

I have been praying every single night for the past 13 years. With time I have learned that praying doesn’t consist of asking things from God. I first take my time to thank God for whatever has happened throughout my day, good or bad. I am a firm believer that everything happens for a reason. So when things don’t go as planned (heart attack for anyone who’s an extreme planner, right?), I take a minute to really think about the situation and accept the fact that this may have been for the best.

Remember, it does not take happiness to be grateful. Life is not perfect and neither are we. We commonly make mistakes throughout the day, so it is only expected that life makes its own mistakes too. Whether you see it or not, everything is a blessing in disguise and without your troubles, you will not be the amazing individual you are today. Always remind yourself to be thankful for absolutely everything in your life. With this, I promise your life will be bettered with the positive shift in your energy and the greater attitude of gratitude.

Hope you guys enjoyed this post! What topic should I write about next? Comment below and let me know your thoughts!!