Travel Essentials 

Summer is here! It is the season to travel around the world, go on a vacation or visit your home! I will be traveling to Armenia just in one day, and I wanted to share with you some of my travel tips. If you are traveling internationally, you’re most likely limited to a certain amount of luggage weight. While our clothes are extremely important, so are our beauty products. Repeat with me.. Mini mini mini of everything! Thankfully, almost every brand sells a travel size of most of their items. You want to make sure you don’t take that huge bottle of your favorite shampoo so it doesn’t add extra weight to your luggage. 

Another major thing about traveling and packing your luggage is organization. Nobody wants their clothes and stuff all over the place and some might think I’m OCD, but I think OCD people will appreciate this haha. I got two sets of these organizing packing pouches from Amazon and they are amazing. It is waterproof so you can also pack more than just clothes. I love that it has a laundry pouch! Oh.. Did I mention that it’s just $14.99 for 7 pieces? So worth it! 

Buy It Now – HiDay 7 Set Packing Cube
What are your packing/traveling tips? Share below!