Currently Loving: Matte Liquid Lipsticks

Matte liquid lipsticks have truly changed the lipstick industry. Before these babies became popular, I used to never wear lipstick. One of the reasons I wouldn’t wear lipstick is because after I ate, my lipstick would be gone. Yep, I would eat my lipstick with my food. Matte liquid lipsticks give you that lipstick look and because they are almost like lip stains, they do not smear or wipe off easily (some don’t come off at all). I have learned over time that there are only certain nude shades that look good on me. Since I have a darker skin tone, olive to almost a natural tanned tone to be exact, certain nude shades would wash me out. So I realized that darker shades of nude really work for me. Here are my go to matte liquid lipsticks that are my absolute favorite.

FullSizeRender 14

Click on the names to check out the individual reviews:

Dose of Colors – Truffle // this is such a beautiful shade, I love wearing this to events since I know that it will not get wiped off or move a millimeter from my lips! Make sure to hydrate your lips before applying this shade!

Kylie Cosmetics – Dolce K // this is a darker nude, I love using the pencil of this, since it came in the kit. It has a really strong vanilla scent and most importantly, it’s a nice lip stain and you can be sure you won’t be eating away your lipstick haha.

Kat Von D – Lolita and Lolita II // LOVE these two shades. I wear Lolita II during the day time and Lolita is perfect for night time. Unlike Dose of Colors and Kylie Cosmetics, I have to reapply these liquid lipsticks throughout the day since it’s not as smear proof.

I recently got the ColourPop Cosmetics lip stains and I am still trying them out to see how I feel about them! Will post about them soon!

What is your favorite matte liquid lipstick? Comment below!