Currently Loving: Chokers

This is a trend that I never thought I would actually love. Until one day, I was wearing a simple v-neck and jeans and I realized that my outfit was missing something, I had a black ribbon and I tied it around my neck as a choker. That’s the story of how I realized that I am actually loving this trend. Eventually the ribbon wasn’t cutting it so I had to go and actually get real chokers haha. Here are my favorite four chokers that are super versatile and chic:

A thick velvet one is a must have. It looks beautiful when you are wearing low cut shirts or anything off shoulder. It’s definitely a statement piece, so make sure to balance it out by not wearing any other statement jewelry pieces. You can purchase this velvet choker by click here.

These two chokers I got by entering and winning a giveaway done by the brand itself! I’ve actually never won anything before so that was pretty cool. I am in love with these two chokers from Liv Bambina, they’re thin yet edgy and super chic. I wear these with basically anything and everything. They have so many cute chokers on their website, check them out!

My last favorite is a choker from Jay.Nicole, you can purchase this choker by clicking here. This is a wrap necklace so there are so many ways you can wear this. I love to tie it just loosely, as you see in the picture above or tie a cute little bow. Before I had my other chokers, I tied the bow at the back so it looked like a wrapped choker! So cute, definitely a must have.

Where are your favorite chokers from? Comment below!


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