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One of the things that I love about blogging and having social media accounts is that I get to meet some amazing girls. A lot of the times, it’ll start with following each other and starting to comment and like each others’ photos and then it leads to “Hey! We should meet for coffee!”. Without even really knowing this person yet, you feel like you already know so much about them because of Instagram or their blog! Alex Georgy is the founder of Bloggers Who Brunch LA, which is a place for bloggers from LA to meet! She hosted the first meet up this past weekend where 30 bloggers, including myself (yay), were exclusively invited to have brunch at Gracias Madre. The event was sponsored by Monday Swimwear (A Bikini A Day), LuMee cases and MVS Studios Photo Booth (yes, the photo booth that the Kardashians use!!).


Photo by @Shoots_with_Jessica

from Natasha Oakley’s Snapchat

The guest speaker was Natasha Oakley, who owns A Bikini A Day, and she came with her co-owner, Devin Brugman. They were the sweetest girls and we got to take so many pictures with them.

It can be nerve wrecking to go to an event where you basically don’t know anyone so it was nice to have my girl Ines with me! I also had the pleasure of finally meeting Brenda Wasylucha, who I’ve been following for forever, she’s so sweet & genuine!

It was raining for over 3 days and it was supposed to be gloomy, so I decided to go with dark colors for my outfit! I chose these heels because in the morning, all the clouds disappeared and LA decided to be a little cold but sunny. Our weather is so bipolar… right?

Top: Bailey 44 – Jacqueline Off The Shoulder $98

Skirt: Sandro – Joelle Skirt $250

Heels: Saint Laurent – Jane Ankle Strap $895 (bought it over a year ago)

Sunglasses: Céline

Photo by @Shoots_with_Jessica


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  1. April 14, 2016 / 7:59 pm

    Lovely post love! It was such a pleasure meeting you too. xx <3 Here's to endless future coffee and brunch dates!