Rose Café-Restaurant – Venice 

 Oh how I love finding new restaurants! Well, Rose cafe actually has been there since 1979 and last year they closed down for a huge renovation! So technically it’s not new but it kind of is! You are automatically awed by the impressive doors that have a giant painting of roses on them. The new Rose cafe is massive! 
They have an indoor area and an outdoor area which has lots of seating! I love restaurants that have such an open layout. This is definitely a great spot for studying, you can grab a pretty latte with some great latte art and have many options on where you can sit.   The outdoor area is also great, they have heaters and most tables have fresh flowers (great for blogger pix LOL).
  We tried the breakfast sandwich and brussels with egg, it was pretty delicious! Oh and the vanilla latte was as good as it looked! Not every vanilla latte is tasty and provided with such excellent latte art lol! 

220 Rose Ave, Venice, CA 90291
(310) 399-0711