Malibu Wine Safaris

I had one of the most special days of my life at Malibu Wine Safaris! What’s better than wine tasting and meeting/petting/feeding some sweet animals? Malibu Wine Safaris also owns Malibu Wines, which is how I initially heard about it. The whole ranch is about 11,000 acres and it is filled with their very own wineries!

I think what makes this tour so special is that you get to actually interact with the animals and feed them!

Included with the tour, you get to taste six different wines!

And when you think it can’t get any better… it does! Meeting Stanley was so special. He has been in multiple commercials and he is a pretty famous guy.. for being a giraffe haha. He was the sweetest!

If someone would ask me, what is a must see in LA? This is definitely on the top of my list! For tourists, for locals, for events… it’s so much fun!

Even though it is still winter in LA, the weather was absolutely perfect. It was about 75 degrees, sunny but not too hot! Since you are under the sun, basically the whole time, make sure to not choose a hot day. Reserve tickets well in advance, as they are starting to get booked. Regular price is $65 BUT to meet Stanley, you have to pay $30 more. And trust me, Stanley was pretty worth it haha! I actually already miss him and need to come back ASAP!

To Reseve Tickets click HERE

The tour takes about 2 hours and since our tickets were for 11:30am, we decided to grab lunch right after. You have the option to take a shuttle down to Malibu Wines (for live music and more wine) but we decided to go to our favorite Malibu lunch spot, Malibu Farm.

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