Lucky Colors for 2016

DSC02623Can you believe it? Most of the world is already is already celebrating the New Years and we are almost there too! Every year I share with my readers the lucky colors that they should wear for New Year’s Eve. I am a firm believer in good energy and feng shui and according to feng shui, you must wear lucky colors on the night of the New Year to attract luck and success for the upcoming year!

This upcoming year will be the year of the Fire Monkey! I was born in 1992, which makes me a Monkey and means that this will be my lucky year (this totally varies and some people say that when your Chinese zodiac sign repeats then it will be not a good year, but I choose to believe the positive theory lol). Where my monkeys at??

So here it goes, the lucky colors are: Red, Yellow, Orange, Purple, Pink and you can do Brown and Green. But Red is essential to make the Fire Monkey happy! So obviously, I am wearing a red sequin dress tonight by Dress Population! Don’t worry, if you are not wearing a red dress, you can definitely wear red lipstick, or any jewelry with one of the lucky colors!

Colors to avoid? Black and Blue!

Happy New Year everyone!!!


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