My Favorite Salad Spot: Sweetgreen

I am not usually a salad kind of a person and it has to be really good for me to actually love it and crave it. There is a Sweetgreen location on 3rd St. so I would go there every time I would go to the Grove or Beverly Center. I had no idea they were opening a location literally a block away from where I live! You can imagine my excitement… This location is spacious and they had one marble top table which I think is a genius idea for us food photo takers hahaha. This location is also good to bring your laptop and get some work done while you’re eating their delicious salads!    

Since I’ve tried Sweetgreen, I have been getting the same thing just because it’s so good and I actually crave it like weekly. I get the Kale Caesar salad with avocado. All their ingredients come from local California farms, so it’s uber fresh! They also have fresh juices and I always get the Ginger Cucumber one. I really should try something else here because each salad sounds so good! 

 Go to to find a location near you & to explore their delicious menu!