I got to do a fun little collab with Congés! I love unique pieces that are sentimental and have special meanings. Each necklace comes with a stone that represents something specific.  Congés in French means “to be on a holiday” or “on vacation”. The owner of the brand, Jasmine, wanted her line to be all about us tuning into our zone of being relaxed and in touch with our thoughts and our wellbeing.  I love that these necklaces go with anything you’re wearing! I wore the Amethyst and Rose Quartz necklaces: 

Rose Quartz // Love & Positivity – from $850

“Rose Quartz is often called the stone of “Unconditional Love.” Said to be a stone that helps stabilize emotions, dissolve confusion and assists in drawing harmony with oneself and others. Promoting self-worth and attracting love, Rose Quartz is said to improve energy flow and circulation, allowing to see things objectively helping choose a more positive approach.”

 Amethyst // Peace of Mind – from $850

“Amethyst is one of the most popular stones around the world. Its known to be an all purpose stone. Acknowledged to have calming properties, it helps purge additions and physically reduce swelling. Promoting peace-of-mind, and may be used for protection and purification, the Amethyst stone was worn in history by royalty to signify power.”

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