NARS Tinted Moisturizer 


I have been looking for something that I can wear every day that’s not heavy. Since I pretty much have a clear skin most of the time, I’ve never needed a full coverage foundation for every day use. I’ve tried the Laura Mercier, which everyone raves about, but I wasn’t crazy about the texture. Since I loved my NArS Sheer Glow foundation, I decided to try the tinted moisturizer and I am obsessed!

It has SPF 30, which is great because you have to wear protection against sun in your skin daily! It is oil-free yet it hydrates your skin and it’s actually been proven to help reduce the appearance of discoloration and dark spots caused by sun. It leaves your skin with a glowing and dewy finish!

I got the St.Moritz shade for my skin which is a medium color with a neutral yellow undertone. 

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