En Nus Cosmetics


I was very excited to try all the goodies I got from Linh Tran’s En Nus Cosmetics! I loved the lip glosses and the lip liner, and I am obsessed with the lipstick! It’s a very natural nude that you can wear any time. Loved the texture of all the products too! 

All of the products are made to hydrate and moisturize lips which I think is amazing. My lips are always dry so I try to use products that don’t dry my lips. 

The lipsticks are specifically infused with Shea Butter and Vitamin E to help soften, protect, and moisturize.

The Lip Luster (lip glosseses) are infused with Vitamin E and Coconut Oil to help moisturize and hydrate.

Mint 2 Be is a non-sticky textured gloss that is infused with Spearmint and Aloe Vera to help soften, soothe and condition lips. 

Lip liner gives a full coverage and the matte lip liners glide on to ensure lipstick longevity. Infused with Coconut Oil to hydrate and moisturize.