Food Haus Cafe



I have heard about Food Haus Cafe so many times! The owner, Ani, was from my high school and I remember how sweet and funny she always was. So when I found out about her new place, I knew I had to try it out. Besides that, Food Haus has been #1 on Yelp for over 13 weeks! It always makes me feel so proud when I see another Armenian succeed ūüôā

After Lindsay, Grace and I finished our finals, we decided to go to Food Haus Cafe. I got the BLT sandwich with the Mr. Caesar salad. Everything you’ve heard about this place is definitely right. The food was absolutely amazing, even though I got something so simple, it was the best BLT sandwich and Caesar salad I have probably ever had. Oh and the fries… I can’t even tell you how delicious they were, you just have to try it yourself to know.

Food Haus had great customer service, the staff was very sweet and welcoming. The place itself fits downtown perfectly, it has unique art all around and has that downtown vibe to it.

I am definitely coming back here to try the other things on the menu

Located in Downtown LA
2106 South Olive Street,
Los Angeles, CA 90007
(213) 741-0007