Brooke Shields Gravitas: Eye Shadow X15



So for my girl Angela’s birthday I decided to do get her a bunch of make up (I had a lot of fun shopping for her gift haha) and one of the items was this limited edition MAC eyeshadow palette! I got the last one from Macy’s at the Beverly Center (Los Angeles) and the MAC salesperson was raving about it. He said that they’ve never done a palette like this and that this was the best thing ever, over $200 item (since each eyeshadow is about $15) sold just for $85, being someone who is easily convinced by salespeople I knew this was it!

MAC’s website is sold out of the palette but I would definitely just try calling any department store that carries MAC products.

Good luck! It’s definitely worth it

From MAC’s website: “An Eye Shadow Palette in fifteen cool shades: Pretty, Soft Brown, Expensive Pink, Clove, Satin Taupe, Canter, Luscious, Antiqued, Psyche, Carbon, Shroom, Persuade, Plummed, Lofty and Pepper.”