Dr. Jart+ Blackhead Master Patch


I have been using the Biore deep cleansing pore strips (Click here for the review)
and it’s been doing its job, but I decided to give this a try when I came across it, while waiting in line to pay in Sephora (you know how they have those items on the sides while you wait in line? well yeah I always fall for those)

So the 1st step wasn’t necessarily anything magical, I actually feel that the Biore strip does a better job of removing more blackheads. However, the 2nd step is what makes this product great. The wet strip has a serum that closes up your pores

-Coral Powder: Controls sebum and absorbs excess oil.
-Sage Extract: Purifies skin.
-Tea Tree Extract: Reduces redness.
-Witch Hazel: Tightens pores.

A single pack costs $7.50 and a pack of 5 costs $35.